Bread & Olives etc- bar snacks

In the local band club and bars we've seen the plates of bread/olives/cheese etc being given out. So far it's been when we weren't hungry so we've declined.

However, I wanted to know whether these are typically being offered in a similar way to tapas in Spain: I.e. free when you buy a drink, or similar to the Portugese couvert; where they give you them automatically when you enter a bar or restaurant, and then charge you a couple of € for the pleasure.

If it's not consistent i'll definitely ask next time, but wanted to know if there's a general rule.


Did you see them hand money over ?

No, this was in places where they were having drinks and/or food and so would be given a final bill, including any charge for the bread and olives.

I've never been charged for anything like that. Not all bars do it.

I would recommend next time you are hungry, as you are in Balzan, go to Zmerc near San Anton. Food just keeps on coming, gratis

Oh cool, thanks. That's just along the road from us but haven't been in yet :)

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