Got visa but tickets from employer not got.

Dear friends,
Both me n my friend got visa at the same time ( may) with 90 days validity.i proceeded with formalities and reached ksa in june mid.His wife 's visa came in june 1st week. So his tickets didnt come yet. Maybe  because of embassy s short working hours during ramadan. The agent in india keeps promising and he s lost hopes literally. His visa Is expiring in 10 days. Is there anyway he could speeden up things with moh??
Pls advise.

Tickets has got nothing to do with the embassy. Once the visa is issued the job of embassy is finished, then its up to you or the agent to get the tickets before the visa expiry and travel.

I am not sure why your friend hasnt thought about buying a ticket and travelling to KSA since he got his visa at the same time as you, and he got his wife's visa by June 1st week, and yet we are now end of July.  This is most probably an issue with the agent, what he can do is contact the employer who issued the visa and inform them about the delay from the agent and they will push the agent to issue the ticket. He needs to inform them that the visa was already issued a month ago.

Thank you

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