Exploring our options of moving again. Please share your experience

Hello. I am new to this forum. I currently belong to the Puerto Rico and Ecuador forum
In 2o14 my husband and our youngest child and myself moved to Puerto Rico.
However pr is in a debt crisis and currently in the hands of the US. We are unsure what's going to happen here especially with a new president be elected in the states. This could impact the whole world either in a positive or negative way.  Anyways I would like to explore our options of moving again to another country. I am on here to try to get some ideas and feel for Panama.  I spend a lot of time now in communication with people on the Puerto Rico expat site helping others so they know what they are dealing with and help them with housing options so they aren't being taken advantage of as we were when we first moved here.  So thank you everyone for the information that you will be providing me with

Hi sandrarduncan,

Welcome to the Panama forum  :) . Please note that i have created a new thread from your post on the Panama forum so that it benefits from more visibility and gets you some feedbacks.

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