A friend of mine, a  citizen of DR CONGO lost/stolen his passport yesterday. He is asking for any assistance advice and help on how he could travel back to his country without his passport. There is no DRCongo embassy here in the Philippines. What are his options?

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He can contact the DR of Congo embassy in the nearest country if there is no DR congo embassy in Phillippines.

Good luck.

Yes. He must contact the nearest Country that has a Congo embassy. Better still he should call the government body in charge of issuing of passport back in his country and explain to them, his  problem. Am sure they did arrange a new passport for him. Mind you, he can never leave the country without a passport.

Once he entered into the Philippines his passport was recorded.. immigration has the information he needs because they have it logged into their database. He can travel without it UNDER special circumstances.... it's done all the time ... immigration will give him a photo copy plus a letter provided he travel directly to his home country...he will be restricted to airport terminal only...

Sorry for his situation.

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