My stay so far in Siem Reap

My wife an I have now been in Siem Reap for two weeks, find locals extremely friendly and helpful. We stayed in hotels initially, which we found reasonable priced by the way,but have now rented an one bedroomed apartment at a very good rate in the Ro's Residence D'Angkor a new apartment complex with a pool and only ten minute Took Took ride from town centre (pub street and night market) we can also see Angkor ruins from the roof of our complex. We have visited the ruins and found them to be both amazingly beautiful and intriguingly different from site to site, we have admittedly only been to four sites. We have yet to find employment, my wife has dropped of CVs at schools and preschools. I on the other hand will be trying to get a position as an events manager in hospitality field but also looking into English teaching positions.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Gavin Pizer. Hope you find a job soon  :)

Do not hesitate to drop an advert in the Jobs in Siem Reap section of the website or visit the websites listed at the bottom of the Work in Siem Reap article.

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Good luck.

Hey Gavin

Not sure if you got my mail. I see you made a post about new accommodation.  What are you paying and what do you get.  I am trying to find out what areas are the quiet areas.  I don't want noise around me.  Tell me more about the area you are in.


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