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Hello everyone. My name is Kim and I'm new to this forum so please bear with me! My husband and I 63 and 55 respectively are seriously considering moving to Gozo permanently. We are hoping to sell our home for £ 100,000 and rent long term in Gozo. we also have my husbands private pension and my own small one but I would be looking to work part-time. I would be very grateful if any of you would kindly give us some tips for the move i.e best sort of residency plan, health insurance etc or if this site is not appropriate then maybe suggest a site that can answer my questions.

Kindest Regards

Kim Dawson

You will find most of the info you need in the 'Stickies' at the top  of the forum starting with this.
You could use the health cover available to you through the RHA as you will not be eligible for the S1 route. You can of course use private health cover if you prefer.

This one will give you info on renting,

Just about all the information you need is available on the site so make use of the search box.

You will find Gozo both cheaper and quieter but be wary of where you rent, if you have the time, try and stay in a B&B or holiday let close to where your chosen property is to see just how noisy it is as you never know whether there will be dogs barking all day and night, or noisy groups staying at one of the hundreds of holiday lets.

Good luck


Thank you so much for your help.  We planned to rent a liitle appartment for a couple of months before deciding long term but thats a good idea about noise level lol.  And I will make use of the stickies and the links you sent me.  Have a lovely day


Hi to you both. There is a well established FB group called GOZONE with over 1800 members. The qroup is dedicated to helping people who are interested in moving to or live on Gozo. All your questions will be answered there.

gozo is cheap, you will find something nice for 300 euro/month i am sure. i am also looking for a flat at the moment and and were very good so far. good luck for job hunt and flat search. vera

Thank you so much x

Thank you Vera and Good Luck x

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