Banif wants 500 euro deposited into a savings deposit?


I just got a call from Banif saying I need to renew my savings term account.  Usually it is 50-100 euro per month and then they transfer it back to you in a year.  However I just got a call saying they have a new policy and I will have to deposit 500 euro and then make 100 euro deposits each month if I want to keep my bank card.  Can they do this?  This is ridiculous no?  I have to August 3 to do this or I will not be able to withdraw money from a bank machine.  I told them I can't afford this and they told me they understand but it is a new policy.  What?!!?  Anyone else deal with this?

They did this over the phone? Sounds suspicious.  I'd ask them to provide details of the  policy changes to you in writing immediately!  Also, they should allow an appropriate amount of time for you to receive and review those policy changes and decide whether or not you agree to them (which apparently you don't).  Other than that, I'd start shopping for a new bank to do business with.

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it's a common thing with banks in many countries, so I assume they can do it, but perhaps if they did not notify you in writing of changing T's and C's they can't in this case

We have banked  with Banif for nearly 4 years and have a straight forward current account with a debit card which we can use as normal for retail transactions or to withdraw cash.
We have never had a savings account with them and simply transfer money in from the UK as and when we need it, withdrawing it within a few days and pay a couple of small Direct Debits from it.
Is yours a straight forward debit card or is it a credit card, most banks want you to keep the same amount as you credit limit in an account which you can't access!  Hence it is not really a credit card!



maybe it is different for Uk citizens, but when I was asking they also said I need to leave 50 each month in the savings account and I can get them at the end of year

I was asking for normal bank acc, just to get my pay (no credit cards)

I have an account with HSBC since I arrived here.
My QuickCash and Visa Electron (international debit card) I can use locally/abroad up to the balance on my account, no overdraft.
They've never asked for any deposit so far, and they also do not hold back (secure?) any amount.

What Banif is doing sounds strange to me ... maybe better you change your bank institute

By 18 September 2016, EU Member States shall adopt and publish the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with DIRECTIVE 2014/92/EU on the comparability of fees related to payment accounts, payment account switching and access to payment accounts with basic features.

Please see Article 16, entitled, ‘Right of access to a payment account with basic features’: … 32014L0092

Don't count on Malta complying with anything  EU unless there is money in it for them!

Waking up a slightly old thread, but related.  Just been to BOV to get a 'chip and pin' card rather than these pointless electron cards.

When we first opened our accounts we were told we can only have such after 6 months of having a electron, 6 months later now thye demand a 200 deposit they will hold for the life of the card.

To be clear, this is not a credit card or any overdraft or anything like that, just a chip and pin card on an existing savings account.

Bank says its just their one branch who has this policy that the manager sets and not all branches.  BOV Phone support refuse to answer what the policies are instead saying I should file a complaint on their website who will revert - web site of course says to call support line.

Colleague at work (Polish) told me that BOV told him 8mths before he could get the proper card. Another colleague at work (Greek) was given hers within 2mths. Both dealing with the same branch!

This is why we keep our French bank account.  Paying to have a credit card and paying to have something other than Electron is silly.  I've been told my son, who's almost sixteen, can't get a bank account until he's working.  We've had to open him one in France instead because he won't be earning for a long time yet.

Yes I was just at Banif yesterday to ask about opening an account and they told me this too. Its ridiculous really and I will definitely not be opening an account with them.

Hey all,
I tend to go with HSBC and open a straight forward current account with a debit card (like visa electron). Who tried this bank in Malta? any reviews? I heard few complaints about the costs
Personally, I dont want to have savings and i prefer a global bank that I can use everywhere... Please help!
Thanks .

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