Filipina wants to work as a nurse

im ann and now living in germany. Is there anyone hier who have experience how to recognize my philippine papers as a nurse here in Germany??? i have b1 german course

i hope someone can help me

thank u...

You will have to take additional classes to get your foreign nursing papers recognised here - at least to learn the technical terms in German and to know the legal situation and responsibilities.
Ask at a nursing school near you!

Hi....Just call xxx
We will see

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Hi! I have a friend who did that, she went to the Anerkennungstelle in our region, you can search for the office in your region at this website: https://www.anerkennung-in-deutschland. … rater/en/.

What is the step by step that I need to do because we are really confuse which Office do we need to call

:) Hi
I can help you , it is too detailed to write, you can contact with your details.
Glad to help

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Ok thank u for the advice

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