Any companies willing to hire foreigners

Ive stayed in malaysia for 8 months using a social visit pass now im back in india. Please advise me if you know any company hiring foreigners as I would like to permanently stay with my gf in malaysia

Marry ...u get dependent pass....may get job

I need to apply for long term spouse visa and after 6 montha only allowed to work but would like to get a permanent job first before getting married

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I seriously doubt anyone in here knows about or can offer you a job. Best that you join Jobstreet and other employment services, post your resume and hope an employer wants to talk to you. You can also start contacting the HR departments of any companies you like and send them your resume for review. Maybe some good will come of it.

if we know which are the company is there so that can come to know this are the company will hire for foreigner .
It will be easy to contact with the HR also so need help to find company which hire foreigner

I heard that there's this company called TalentCorp, it's some sort of job agency for foreigners. Are you still interested? You can try it out

just to add on your comment.

Although married to a Malaysia you cannot work using the DP pass need to convert Employment Pass/LTSVP cheers!

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