Looking For Friendly Expat Guide for My Makati Visit

Hi Everyone,

My name is George and I am from Toronto, Canada.

I am visiting Makati, Philippines from August 24 to September 7 in 2016.

I am seriously considering moving to the Philippines but I am personally researching living and working conditions first.

If you are an experienced (5+ years) English-speaking expat living near Makati, I am very interested to hear your experiences and your advice about life in the Philippines. I would like to invite you for coffee, lunch, or dinner (at my expense). Couples are also welcome as my girlfriend may join us.

I am staying at the Fairmont Makati hotel.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT:  Best way to contact me is through this website as I don't know if posting of personal e-mail info is allowed (newbie here).

EDIT:  I am not looking for paid tour guide(s).

i have been living in pasay for 3 months i have a filipina gf that lives with me i know manila pretty well i am very interested to meet you for lunch and show you around manila and answer your questions im American

Hashrama76... thank you for your reply... please send me a PM.

I have already arranged a reputable driver/guide for most of my stay in the Philippines.

I am most interested in meeting fellow expats who have lived in the Philippines for many years. I would like to hear your honest thoughts---both good and bad---about your life experiences in the Philippines.

On a side note, I just found a nearby hotel which offers British-style afternoon tea:

If anyone would care to join me (and possibly my girlfriend), please let me know. My treat, of course.

EDIT: Don't know if links are allowed here. If not, I apologize in advance.

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Hi george do you have way of communication such as viber or skype by this i can help you more about living in philippines.

i can assist if you are in Iloilo City

At this time I am unable to accommodate additional meet ups as my itinerary is almost full.

A hearty "thank you" to those who replied and looking forward to seeing some of you soon!

Dear Moderator:  Please close this thread with my thanks.

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