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Hi everyone one.

Is there a way to take Danish lessons in Mumbai ?

Also, throw some light on finding accommodation once you land in CPH.

How is the job market for Marketing professionals ?

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Hi Praveen,

I suggest you drop a "looking for" advert in the Language classes in Mumbai section of the website so that you may get some offers. Try google search as well.

As for accommodation, you will get some useful info in the Accommodation in Copenhagen article.

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Just to let you know that after Denmark has skipped the Green card scheme, you shall have landed a job before coming to Denmark.

I don't think your project is realistic as the unimployment rate is high within marketing/communications.



My approx score is 130 and I had applied on the 12th of May this year, and I guess the cutoff date was 10th of June.

Hope all the earlier rules applies particularly the job offer part ( We get a 2 year temporary visa without job in hand)



Ok, your problem will thus be reduced to find a relevant job.


Hi Nellie,

What is the source for the high unemployment in Marketing data which you have mentioned ?


Hi Praveen

Marketing and communications are often/mostly treated as one though the job job contents may be different and so will the seekers education and experience. The demand for mere communications have decreased much during the latest 10 years, but the more mercantile experience you have, the better. … eting-8463
Få styr på fremtidsudsigter og lønnen for marketinguddannede
Som i kommunikations- og mediebranchen er konkurrencen også stor for dig, der drømmer om en marketing karriere. Du skal derfor være forberedt på at arbejde dig op og på at netværke dig til drømmejobbet. Det gælder særligt for dig, der vil have foden inden for på et reklamebureau.
For marketingmedarbejdere er jobmulighederne bedst i København og i Midtjylland, mens der er langt mellem de gode jobs som reklamekonsulent uanset, hvor i landet du bor. Samtidig er der store lokale udsving i lønnen for nyuddannede, der arbejder med markedsføring af salg. Dine muligheder for at ende i den høje ende afhænger af din uddannelse, og hvor i landet du finder dit marketing job.

I have no hard-core statistics I can relate to. My sources are paper articles, interviews on radio and television.

However, the best indicator of the possibilities will also be the job ads on the Internet. How many jobs are there, are the companies looking for a man with your skills, ............

What about being a member of this group:
It is open for everyone who works within marketing and sale. Maybe they are able to help you further.

Best luck

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