Beijing: 24 dead and many missing in torrential rain

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Hebei Province, in Northern China, has been hit by torrential rain since Tuesday, July 19. Meteorological authorities have issued a torrential rain warning indicating possible floods and landslides in mountainous regions.

24 people are reported dead, according to local media, and 72 are still missing. Significant damages have also been reported. Due to current weather conditions, some 123 000 inhabitants had to evacuate the area. The province's main rivers have flowed out of their bed, causing floods and landslides. About 7 000 homes have been destroyed.

Beijing, the capital city, is still facing an alarming situation. The transport network and power supply have been highly disrupted. Subway stations have been closed and hundreds of flights have been also canceled.

The National Commission for Disaster Relief and the Ministry of Civil Affairs recommended caution in Beijing and surrounding areas. Rescue teams have been deployed to assist the victims.

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Our sincere thoughts go to the families of victims and all those affected by the current situation.

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