Looking to move to Manila


I'm a work-from-home freelancer, presently in India. I visited Manila last year on a tourist visa. Now, I have decided to move to Manila, and I need help with information.

Looking for information on below:
1. Visa extension for long term stay (Prerequisites & process)
2. Place to stay around Malate or Makati
3. Getting reliable Internet service

So far, I've gathered the following info:
1. Visa extension is easy, and they rarely deny an extension. The new extension is 6 months, for a maximum stay upto 18-24 months.
2. Can rent a decent 1bedroom apartment for around 15k PHP / mo.
3. Globe is quite reliable. Interruptions may be frequent during rains, so I might need some fall-back connectivity.

Why I want to move:
1. There's usually a love story involved, yeah?
2. I'd also like to travel around PHL, and any nearby countries I'm able to.
3. Long-term goal (1-2yrs.) is to settle with her in PHL or India.

Still, wish to make sure from experienced people as to what steps to take and the DOs and DONTs involved. I'm a freelancer and can work from anywhere, wherever I can find a decent Internet connection. The girl and I would first like to live together and see how it goes. At the same time, I wish to explore the travel options that are considerably cheaper in PHL. Meeting people who can help get connected to holistic and alternative healing. I'm wheelchair bound atm (long story short, I can heal quicker with moving around, massage and a bit/lot of love). During my visit last year, it seemed Manila is much more disabled friendly, than the city I currently live in, here in India. I visited last year for 10 days to attend a friend's wedding, and I'm also quite interested in overall culture and people, as I've never been among new people and new setting before.

Looking for any and all help/info and anything else.

Thank you :)

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