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Hi i wanted to know can we buy a property as a expat in Bahrain if yes so any check list any requirement  and can we stay there for a long time and if anyone can help me in buying a property so let me now it

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You did not tell us what nationality are you please? This will help members answer you.

I invite you to read our Living in Bahrain guide.


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Found this link on the web, its got some info on the same … ying-Guide

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I have contacted a company in Bahrain earlier this year and they gave me a very simple answer for the question.

Expats are allowed to buy properties in freehold areas for any amount.

If you are getting a property for a residence permit purpose, you must get a property in a freehold area and secondly it must be above BD50,000.

The sales agent in this property agency told me that lately the residence permit is not getting through. He told me if you want to buy a property for  an investment then go ahead, but if you are planning for the residence permit, we would suggest you to think twice.

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To be eligible for "Self Sponsorship Permit" based on Property there are conditions that have to be fulfilled .

The  foreigner who has an owner of a property in Bahrain:
Service request form.
A clear copy of passport.
A clear copy of ID.
Certificate of good conduct deed.
A certified copy of the property stating that value of the property owned by the expat (in his name).   The property value should not be less than 50.000 BD.
A valid certificate of health insurance issued from the Kingdom of Bahrain
A bank certificate confirming that property owner has a fixed deposit not less than 15.000 BD in one of the Kingdom financial institutions and to be committed every 6 months. The certificate needs to be submitted at the time of renewal.
The applicant must have a source of income sufficient enough to support himself and his dependents not to be less than five hundred Bahraini Dinars (500 BD) per month.
A copy of the applicant's card or his legal representative

Sadly if you don't fulfill the conditions , your permit won't be processed .

I have heard and know people who bought property in Bahrain and are on Self Sponsored Visas .

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