Finding information about any Condominium in Malaysia

Many newcomers to Malaysia often ask for recommendations on which areas to stay, which condominium is safe or has good amenities, which condominium is closest to schools or public transport etc. The below information can help.

A quick way to get detailed information on any condominium is to use:

Propwall is a property website which is used by property valuers, banks, property agents and property investors. You just need to input the name of a Condominium, click on any individual property listing in the results, and then click on "Property Insight" and you will arrive at a page that gives lots of information about the condominium, such as why it is popular or why it should be avoided, what facilities exist, and information about the surrounding area. It also gives the average rental price per square foot over the past 5 months, so if you know the size of the apartment you may be interested in renting you can get an idea of the average rental price in any particular condominium.

For example:

If you wanted to find out about the condominium named Angkasa Impian 2, just enter the name and a drop box will appear. Select the correct condominium name from the drop box and click "Search".

A list of apartments for sale or rent will appear. Click on the title name of the condominium on any of the listings, and you arrive at a new page. Here you can click on :

- Property Insight
- Classifieds
- Photos
- Questions
- Map

If you click on "Property Insight" you will arrive at a page that shows much information about the condominium including it's history, various apartment sizes, condominium facilities, average rental price over the past five months, an analysis which is where you can find out about good and bad points about the condominium. Classifieds, Photos and map etc are self explanatory.

The Propwall information for Angkasa Impian 2 can be seen at Angkasa Impian 2 Condominium and the information provided is as below:


Angkasa Impian 2 is a leasehold condominium residing on Bukit Ceylon, within the bustling shopping district of Bukit Bintang. It neighbors by Angkasa Impian 1, City Gardens, and Mutiara Villa. Nestled in the city centre, it is surrounded by plenty of amenities, from hospital to bars and shopping malls. Most of them are just within minutes of walking distance. It is just 10 minutes away by foot to Bukit Bintang's shopping hub, which comprises BB Plaza, Pavilion, Lot 10, Sg Wang Plaza and Times Square.

Walking south-west from Angkasa Impian 2, one can reach Tung Shin Hospital and Chinese Maternity Hospital within 5 minutes. There are plenty cheap eateries can be found surrounding the area, including hawkers along Jalan Alor that sell great Chinese delicacies. Within a short distance, residents may travel to Changkat Bukit Bintang which provides fancy cafes, restaurants and eateries. One can easily access here from Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Pudu that directs to Jalan Alor and Jalan Changkat Ceylon. Alternatively, public transportation are great, as one can easily get a bus and taxi at the bus stop opposite Plaza Magnum. Also, Plaza Rakyat LRT station and Bukit Bintang Monorail station are just within 10 minutes away by foot.

Property Details:

Name: Angkasa Impian 2
Address: Jalan Sahabat, Bukit Ceylon, Kuala lumpur
Developer: UDA Holdings
Type: Condominium
Tenure: Leasehold
No. of Blocks: 2
No. of Units: 257
No. of Storey: 29
Subsale Price: RM390,000-RM1,100,000
Rental: RM1,650-RM5,000


Covered car park
24-hour security
Swimming pool
Wading pool
Squash court
Tennis court


Bukit Ceylon vicinity is a famous tourist spot due to its strategic and beautiful surrounding. There is mixed residents profile in the vicinity, ranging from old local Chinese folks to expatriates of many races and even the Pahang royal family. The area seems to be slowly achieving an exclusive status in conjunction with all the new developments going on, such as Verticas Residence which is located right next to City Garden condominium.

Nice views can be seen from high-rise units. All units offer great view of Kuala Lumpur skyline, including iconic buildings such as Petronas KLCC Twin Towers and KL Tower. Some units overlook Istana Hinggap Pahang. Nonetheless, Angkasa Impian 2 is still a very rent-able area. It is favored by single expatriates and top executives who are working in the city centre. Angkasa Impian 2 is favored by tenants because of its strategic location, good maintenance and affordable rental. Its rental is tagged from RM2,000 up to RM3,500.

Despite the fact that Angkasa Impian 2 bears a leasehold status amongst several freehold condominiums within the vicinity, many investors claim that it does not really matter because of its strategic positioning as well as competitive pricing. Furthermore, pricing is expected to remain strong and positive with about 79 years remaining within the leasehold period.

You can try this with any condominium in Malaysia. As I said, this information is generally for property investors and those in the property industry, but can be a useful tool for getting an insight into any particular condominium.


There are other important things that one should do before deciding on where to live.

For example, visit the condominium or house during the weekend or during rush hour to see how the traffic conditions are in that particular area. If one chooses an area that is prone to traffic jams then it could mean an hour or more in traffic jams both going to and from work. If you chose a place near to an LRT station then problem solved.

But one very important thing to do is to visit the Management Office in the apartment building. The management company is usually maintained under contract and has no particular reason to not tell things as they really are. You may learn about the frequency of burglaries, assaults in the lift, noise problems in the swimming pool area, problems with foreign workers causing problems, gangster problems, suicides. In one condominium where I chaired the Management Corporation for some years, I think we had at least one suicide or murder each year for three years on the trot. These were all due to personal reasons and were no risk to the other residents, but things like this are useful to know.

This is also a good link to search for apartments to rent too. Just enter the apartment name and your budget and the results appear with the agent to contact. You can try the same for the Star Online, Iproperty and a few property websites.

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I just searched on the Propwall website for houses in Georgetown, Penang with a budget of RM1.5k to 3k a month and the first few listings to appear are as follows:

I also did the same search but for condominiums and the first few results were as follows. Obviously you can do this yourself and find so many listed condos for rent.

If you get offered a place by an Agent you can use Propwall to compare the average asking rents on Propwall against what your Agent is telling you.

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