Don't look for Pokemons while driving

'Pokemon Go', the just 2-weeks old game, that took the world by storm, is being blamed for a wave of crimes, traffic violations and complaints in cities around the world. In KSA, it's now officially prohibited if you are on the driving seat,

Check out: … 300-fines/


One thing is clear for sure. "It's dangerous to catch pokemon so don't try it."


I've been watching Pokémon since I was a child. Its one of my favorites. But it's also true that it is seriously very dangerous to a person playing this game and also the other people travelling along or by.

Better safe than sorry!

The game is banned in sensitive locations in Indonesia as it has the ability to upload your live video when you play the game. The coupled with the accusation it 's CIA, and the cash does seem to have come from a CIA venture capital company.
I will immediately put a tin foil hat on.
Ner, not me claiming that, but the Indonesian intel agency.

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