The Bund – A Remarkable Symbol of Shanghai Status

A portray of Shanghai will definitely let you imagine its signature financial towers and the Huangpu river. Marvelous, impressive and glittering building is a flamboyant view. It seems like each superstructure is challenging other architectural building to intensify the beauty of the place.  Travelling to Shanghai is incomplete with the stopover place at “The Bund”.

The uniqueness of this place is that financial building around the river represents strength, stability and stressful surrounding but, this place represents calmness, coolness and contentment. Especially in the evening, it’s a splendid view. The enormous river proves its greatness as thousands of ships travellers from one end to the other each day. Huge Ships carry tons of manufacturing output contributing to the China’s growth. One can easily travel in a ferry from one end to the other by just paying 2 RMB. Huge open places are created to control the crowd and also to display its awe inspiring view.

At dusk, the sky displays an incomparable color with unraveled shades and the Sunsets blissfully. It’s delightful view where glittering building shadow falls on the water. Alluring and appealing ships add a touch of charm in the river. Birds enjoying at the river side will just transform your imagination to a different level.  This place is so addictive that one can sit for hours and hours together enjoying each moment of it. My personal view is that if one is upset or missing someone, then he/she must visit “The Bund”. It’s a pleasing and soothing experience.

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