Related Authorities for Health Mishandled Cases in Riyadh

Pls guide where to complain about Mishandling of my wife's Delivery Case in One of renowned Hospital in Riyadh.
Whether to go to Police or
Ministry of Health
........ Any Help Lines.
I am fluent in English, Urdu and Hindi with
Broken Arabic.

Muhammd 38, Pakistani

Get an Arab colleague or friend help you filling the complaint in Arabic. Do it here: … tType.aspx

Provide as more info as possible,

It's not the concerned Authorities as Its related to Health Insurance Only.

I need someone to contact in Ministry of Health or related Department.
Pls guide

The link I posted above is of CCHI (Council of Cooperative Health Insurance). It's a government body that governs and regulates not only health Insurance companies but also healthcare providers i.e., hospitals, clinics etc. Their name is not a good translation of the actual Arabic name. I think that's what has confused you. Read "Insurance" as "Assurance" and my point must be clear :)
If you open up the link, the first option you'll see is to raise a complaint about a hospital.

Ministry of Health has a similar service, but I don't know how good or effective that is. … agesType=1

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