Johnny Rockets’ ‘Party Doll’ -- Sexist or Not? You Be the Judge

When I was at Quito’s International Airport this week, I made a point of having a chicken club sandwich at Johnny Rockets restaurant inside the international departures terminal.

I previously had eaten at the 1960’s-originated chain at their restaurants in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and the Reno Hilton in Nevada.  They all feature dishes popular in the 60’s USA diner culture -- burgers and sandwiches and fries and shakes -- a throwback to what has been described as an upbeat and simpler era.

While I was at Johnny’s, I noticed that the audio speakers there were playing the same tune over and over again -- the 1957 chart-topping rock-music hit “Party Doll.”  The Johnny’s anfitrión confirmed that they play this tune over and over all day and night (lyrics of the first two verses and the refrain are reprinted below in this post) at the 24-hour restaurant.

So I throw it out to Expat Café -- is repeating these lyrics appropriate for 2016 restaurant goers, especially when the two-minute-long song is repeated up to 30 times an hour ?  How about for those employees who are subjected to it hundreds of times per shift ?

Sexist or appropriate?

You’re up, Fred.

cccmedia in Quito, Ecuador

Party Doll (1957)
Written and performed by Buddy Knox

Well, all I want is a party doll
To come along with me while I’m feeling’ wild
To be everlovin’ and true and fair
To run her fingers through my hair.

Come along and be my party doll
Come along and be my party doll
Come along and be my party doll
I’ll make love to you, to you
I’ll make love to you.

I saw a gal walking down the street
The kind of gal I’d love to meet
She had blonde hair and eyes of blue
Baby, I’m gonna have a party with you....

CCC. I'm not going to get into any argument about whether the song is sexist or not. It's certainly inappropriate to play a rock song thirty times an hour or however often it was. My solution to the inappropriateness would be to let nature take its course. Some day soon, the employees will all rise up and stab their manager to death and cut him into small pieces - plus anybody who tries to come to his rescue. The killers will be freed by any responsible court on earth. I myself will gladly fly down and bribe my way into citizenship so that I can sit on the jury and be part of such a humanitarian action.

cccmedia :

Sexist or appropriate?

You’re up, Fred..

Yes, that's why I took a while to reply.
I don't believe anything is sexist or inappropriate, as you can tell.

Okay, okay, I'll try to be serious (ish)

Playing the same song over and over will, as has been mentioned above, cause a very high staff turnover or get the manager killed in a manner that would make a great TV script.
As a customer, I'd leave the place after a couple of times, even if the order hadn't turned up at that point.

May be playing the same song over and over again in order to hypnotize customers into buying heaps of goodies. The repeated playing could have a mind numbing effect or just turn customers off from returning.

Once would be enough for me.

This just in from Johnny Rockets restaurant at the Quito airport:

There has been a significant change in the auditory ambience at Johnny’s.

Instead of playing the same tune over and over, “Party Doll” ad nausem has been replaced by a medley of oldies hits .. and the volume has been turned down.

While dining on a veggie burger with onion rings and a chocolate shake late this afternoon, I heard “Bad Moon Rising” and “Dream, Dream, Dream,” among other vintage tunes.

Apparently, Johnny Rockets management was reading this thread ;) 
        and responded appropriately. :top:

  -- cccmedia at Avianca Departure Gate 9A at Quito’s Mariscal International Airport in Tababela, Ecuador

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