Accomodation with my dog

My husband and I (pensioners 60) from South Africa will know by Nov if our application was approved. We will come over in Nov in order to arrange for accomodation and relocation arrangements
Will we be able to find a house or any other ground floor town house because of the dog
Budget MYR1600 up to MY 1800.  Two or 3 bedroom.
In Penang near transport, hospital and shopping centres. Where we will be able to take up on art class and sport activities

I am not so familiar with the rental market for town houses in Penang, but your budget seems a bit on the low side. However, I am sure others can offer better advice. If you find that budget unworkable, then you could consider a condominium but again your budget does seems low. You can probably check on the property websites in Malaysia, the following are the most popular:

Please note that condos usually have rules about pets. Some have House Rules that forbid pets, some allow it as long as the pet is not a nuisance (for example too much yapping). And there are often residents in condos who object to pets. However, government regulations do out rule condominium House Rules and the regulation clearly states that a residence in a condominium may keep one dog.

The other problem is that some landlords refuse to rent to people with dogs because if the property is furnished then dogs sometimes chew the legs of chairs and tables, or scratch the front door.

I have the same problem

Looking share accommodation in penang and kl

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