Living in NYC

Hey guys,
I'm thinking about moving to NYC next year and am wondering if anyone would like to share their views on living in the city. I'm from Brazil and had my fair share of living abroad (spent the last decade in France and UK), and I've also lived in NY for a year before, in the year 2000 when I was a teen, but that was before the 9/11 WTC disaster. And I've never been back to the country again. When I was there, I remember the excitement of the city, the exuberant energy and sense of endless opportunities. I also recall that Americans were very friendly, but a bit too proud of their own country and culture and disinterested in the rest of the world.
I wonder what has changed in these last 15 years- whether the city's vibe has been affected by 9/11 in the long term, and how terrorism has affected Americans' overall mindset.
I know I've just made huge generalizations here, but there is always some truth in caricatural descriptions. If anyone has lived in the city, before and/or after 9/11, could you please share your views?
Thnx :-)

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