Hello everyone

I'm a free-spirited Brisbane girl with a constant desire for adventures. You can often see me roaming around the Brisbane Botanic Gardens with a cinnamon coffee in hand. I'm known to have an undisguised love for exploration and I'm always on the move to find a new outdoor hideout where I could spend my days with my loved ones.

When I'm not preparing for my next journey, I take pleasure in crafting brand identities and building user experiences at Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane, one of the city's leaders on the home cleaning market.

Although the Brisbane lifestyle suits me well, I've always felt there's more to the world than corporate career hunting. My husband and I recently decided we want to travel and most importantly move to a place where we can be one with nature. This is why we're looking at moving to New Zealand and more specifically Wellington. We'd like to meet other expat-wannabes who share the same values as ours. Of course we'd love to get to know each one of you.

Sydney & hubby

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