Getting married in the Republic of Cyprus

Hi all,
I am an ex-pat living in Turkey and hope to get married to a Filipina in Limassol in October. I recently visited the Municipal office in Limassol to try to confirm the exact documentation that would be required from both of us, as their website (and others) gave a only a brief summary of the paperwork needed.

The lady in the office gave me copies from another Filipina applicant (with her personal details deleted) which have proved to be very useful and my fiancee is now in the process of procuring the documents online. For my part of the process I need to produce my passport and birth certificate which are no problem ... but as a divorce I also need to show my Decree Absolute (DA) and a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI).

I have asked the office to confirm:
1. Will just the original copy of the DA suffice or does it need to be apostiled or certified in any way?
2. The UK does not produce CNI's but I've heard that I can swear on oath at the marriage ceremony that I am single.
For some obscure reason the lady at the office will not give me a yes or no answer to these two very simple questions.

Is there anyone on this forum who has gone through this procedure that can help me please?

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