Visa expiring in 10 days

Hi members,
My friend got work visa in the month of may which shows 90 days validity.  Does it mean it ends by july ??? Or does it end after entering ksa    and working for 90 days??.  pease clarify..

Count from the date of arrival. Yes, in 90 days it will expire AND he has to get his iqama issued in those 90 days.

Thank you

Both me n my friend got visa at the same time ( may).i proceeded with formalities and reached ksa in june mid.His wife 's visa came in june 1st week. So his tickets didnt come yet. Maybe  because of embassy s short working hours during ramadan. The agent in india keeps promising and he s lost hopes literally. Is there anyway he could speeden up things with moh??
Pls advise.

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