Filipino moving to KL soon from Qatar- Is 12 000 RM enough?

Hi All,

Myself is about to move to KL this October 2016, I have accepted a job in an International Engineering Consultancy in Menara, Kuala Lumpur.

I will be leaving my job with the Royal Family here and move to KL which is near to the Philippines.   

I accepted an offer of 12000 RM per month, is this salary enough to have a comfortable single life?

Any advice you can give with regards to safe accommodation near Menara World Building?

Thanks in advance.

hi friend,

I am Malaysian. That's to much enough for living in Malaysia.

from me.


thank you for your reply... Appreciated.

Sure, that is enough to have a conformable life if you are single.

In terms of salaries for local Malaysians, they range from around RM1600 per month upwards for a basic level job such as working in a store . A lawyer can earn around 5K at the bottom end of the scale, and a bank branch manager can earn around RM15k. So as long as you "live like a local" you should get well with 12k a month.

When you mention Menara World Building do you mean the new project Menara Worldwide which is along Bukit Bintang? I'm not familiar with Menara World Building, sorry. If it is in Bukit Bintang, then many of the residential condominiums are located just behind Jalan Bukit Bintang, such as Menara Bukit Ceylon, Angkasa Impian I & II, Sri Raja Chulan Condomimium, Mutiara Villa Condominium. These are all relatively old condos and not very expensive. Then there are a lot of recently built condos just beyond them on Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang that include Verticas Residence, Bolton Court and Laman Ceylon. These are all walking distance to pretty much anywhere in Bukit Bintang.

For some of those older condos, a small apartment or studio might cost around RM2000 per month. I think Angkasa Impian II is not bad, they have a nice pool, tennis court and gym and the building is only about 10 years old or so. A lot of young professionals live there.

Too much for single like u!from pH working here in Malaysia!!!☺

Thanks @Hansson for your very comprehensive response.  I will try to check those condos that you have mentioned.  :)

Thank you Kabayan Nicole Eunice.

Yeah that would be enough for a single person.
And it depend on which area you wanted to live.
Rental of condo in the heart of kl city is estimated 4,000 ringgit fully furnished.

Personally I think that rental of a condominium in the heart of the city can be a lot lower than 4k, especially as you are single so probably a small place or studio will be fine. If you want something really nice or classy such as Hampshire Place or Hampshire Residence then of course it will be more expensive, but there are so many places that have lower rentals these days.

I think that is more than enough for a single person, you can rent a nice condo for 1500 to 2000 it depends on the location and cost of living here is very cheap :)

Thats nore than enough for a single pinay/pinoy like you. Once you reach kl you may contact me for tour guide. Biro lang po! Will introduce you to all good pinoys here in kl. See yah! 😊

thank Ms. Julie

thank you orpiadarolando... I would love to meet lots of kabayan in KL.

It's good enough..  hi I'm from manila philippines  also.. 12k  mo ok na po yan.. kung kayo lang mag isa.. e about place to stay po provide  po ba nila kung hindi mag rent nalang po kayo ng apartmentnear LRT STATION . marami pong ma rent dito start 800rm- 1400.. any info po drop off nalang po sa inbox.. 😊 welcome po sa malaysia

thanks @angiedeblas... Actually Im searching for accommodation.  I found some in the and and tried contacting agent but no one replied.  I found one in One Ceylon 2K per month

Is it safe to work and live in KL than here in the Middle East (Qatar)?

Yes po .. try nyo po check
marami po kayong pag pilian. . Pero pag dito na po kayo marami pong makita na rito pero mas maganda nga po ang lugar kung malapit lang kayo sa Menara kung saan po ang site ng working place nyo

@ angiedeblas > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum?

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Does your offer come along with company provided housing and car ?

If they do, then it might be fine

Actually RM12K is towards the high end of salaries in KL, but you can spend that and more if you like to live the royal lifestyle. But if you live like the locals you'll do just fine. My wife and I probably spend about RM2K per month, but our house and cars are paid for. We tend to eat out almost every day at least once, and don't try to be super frugal. But we don't hit the clubs  or eat at 5-star restaurants other than special occasions. The rest of my salary just goes into bank account and we move it into investment accounts once it reaches more than RM100K.

You could build up quite a savings in a few years with that salary if you keep your lifestyle down. OTH you could be broke at the end of every month if you're not careful. All these questions regarding is RMxxx enough to live on are difficult to answer because there are single people surviving in KL on under RM2000 a month and doing fine, but there are some that are earning RM20K+ per month complaining that it's not enough.

It's all up to you and how you manage your money and the standard of living you set for yourself.

Good eve. Yes po, for me enough na ung 12k rm in accomodation k b? Kc mas ok un,, in kl city kc mdyo mhal ang rent ng condo, i think nsa 3500rm pro if room nman kunin mo is 1k only.

Hi Endagleris,

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