Final Exit for Dependents

Dear All,

My Wife and Child who are on a Valid KSA Iqama are presently out KSA with a Valid Exit-Entry. I'm also presently outside KSA and will be coming to KSA for my Final Exit in a Week's time. My Wife and Son can't travel to KSA because of some personal reasons.

Can my company put Final Exit and Cancel my Iqama and also of my dependents even though they are outside of KSA. Is it compulsory for dependents to be inside of KSA so that my Iqama & their Iqama to be cancelled.

I will really appreciate if you have confirmed info. on this topic.


No dear,
All must be here in Kingdom for Final exit.
May be you will not be able to get final exit even,  unless your company removes your dependents from your sponsorship.
Let your company to remove your family from your sponsorship ,if  possible or there is way out.


Are you sure about it ,  Can you please check this link, … 4-OT6IwCeM

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