Paying Hacienda?

Hey guys!

Anyone know how to pay Hacienda? I've used an accountant for the last two years, but did a split payment this year (half at filing in April, and half to be paid by October!). I want to pay the October half early - but I'm not sure how.

I know I can ask the accountant, but he was a disaster this tax season and I'd rather not contact him again. Ha. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Try going to Hacienda and ask them.

Well, yes, that's always an option - i'm guessing I can physically go there and pay. But I'm trying to find one that won't take 2-3 hours of my day. I'm guessing I can pay via check or online, since I *didn't* pay with cash/check in April. Just don't know where to send the check/where to look online (the Virtual Hacienda doesn't seem to work for me).

Depending the town you at, there is a "colecturia" there you can make a payment in person or send someone on your behalf.

I guess you tried online and it did not work for you. Some sites only support some web browsers, try using Firefox most should support it.

I use a Mac exclusively and get ticked off when the Safari browser is not supported, a lot of time I just enable debug and change the id of the browser to some other one the website supports to get around the issue, but if nothing work and I have to use the site then I fire up Firefox.

You should be able to pay online through the new portal:

I personally haven't, but it lists tax payments as an option.

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