An Insightful Editorial on Bali Tourism

Not being one who often disagrees with my “brother” Jack, this well written and formulated editorial is no exception.

I’ve personally been pushing what Jack writes about, viz, “quality before quantity” as hard as I can with every minister, and even the Governor, for as long as I can remember.

As Jack rightfully and accurately points out, the hard facts and truths he mentions when tourism is emphasized by quantity are already taking their toll here in Bali. … p?Id=13828

Tourists, especially the drunken one, are great news for business, but really ruin a place.
I gather some areas of the island are pretty much destroyed already, so building more hotels there won't do any harm except to a few bank accounts when the laws of supply and demand kick in.
Building outside those areas is bad news as the problems will just spread out.

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