Help finding a car please

I have been following this group and it has been helpful so thank everyone for all the great info.
I arrived here a month ago, furniture just showed up so settled in house. BUT I can't seem to find a reliable cheap small suv or truck. And yes on classificados everyday. just meet with a really nice girl today who completely misrepresented her truck so It was a no go.
It doesn't need to be pretty just run for about a year without leaving me on the road. $1000-$3500 smaller truck suv automatic is fine but not preferred. A/C is  preferred or at least Windows that can roll down. Thanks.
Any leads would be appreciated.


I hope you get some answers, I’ll be in the same boat soon. I’m due to arrive at the end of August and I’ll be needing a car as well. I’m a veteran so I called a credit union for veterans and asked about a loan to buy a car, I was thinking about something a little newer and more expensive. I’d like to have a few years without major repairs. I was going to ship a car but decided it wasn’t worth the squeeze. It’s a 2005 Toyota Matrix and for what it would cost to ship, I think I’d be better off buying another car when I got there. The credit union quoted me a used car loan for under 3%, I think that is a damn good rate if it’s true. If not, and I needed to pay for a car outright, I’d be looking for something in the same price range you are hoping to pay.

Good luck and please let me know how it works out for you,

It's a hassle - lots of scammers and shady dealers out there.  I shopped for weeks without success . 

We rented a car for awhile, which is of course rather expensive, looked at used car lots and dealers without finding anything I wanted. 

By accident we spotted a van on the side of the road as we traveled on business.  The van was Se Vende by a private party.  Got the phone # from the for sale sign and called.  He brought the van to us for a test drive, looked good, ran good, so we bought it. 

Needed some routine maintenance repairs, but that is normal for a used car.

You got to keep your eyes open, ask folks, read ads, and watch for used cars in the neighborhood - good luck.

Maybe post your needs on Facebook. If a car could possibly meet your needs you will expand your available choices. More cars than suv's & pu's out there.

Following...We will be in the same boat come September. Its been a concern of mine!

i will keep my eyes open for you. seems like it it one of those things in life that if you have it is easier to find.

Thank you.

Agreed I am starting to think the same. Thank you.

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer I no longer need since we purchased a new car. PM me and I can send you the details.

I know craigslist is loaded with scams selling cars, a 2013 BMW in like new condition for under $5000? Also, they have some swamp land in florida for sale. It’s a sad story that all the rip-offs use Craigslist and the real people have to suffer.

Did you try a local dealerships? I know they are not cheap, but are the dealerships in Puerto Rico anything like the dealerships on the mainland? Sure, you’ll pay $10,000 or $13,000 or more for a Toyota from the dealership. But the car has been inspected and you get a warrantee.

How about getting a low interest loan through a local credit union if you have a 700 or more FICO score on your credit report. I called a Puerto Rican credit union the other day and was quoted a used car loan for under 3%. Even if it’s a little higher, it’s still a deal.

Did you try that route? Or, did you just stick with buying a used car in the less than $5000 range, or whatever cash amount you could afford?

I'm thinking about selling my 2005 Toyota Matrix before I leave in August, maybe I’ll get $3500 to $4500. Instead of paying maybe $3000 to ship it, (after taxes and everything else to get it on the road) I’ll avoid the headache and hassle of shipping the car and I’ll use the money for a down payment and buy something newer that will give me a few years of trouble free driving. If I had a new car I might ship it.

Has anyone had any success doing something like I’ve outlined? Buying from a deanship and getting a low interest loan from a local credit union?

Buying a used car is a gamble, even from a dealership.
I was used to dealers in Germany and the Netherlands where you can buy a young used car that went through a full inspection, got the needed repairs and that comes with a good warranty.
Here I bought a one year old car from one of the bigger dealers and they didn't even do an oil change...

Wow, not even an oil change? I guess you really have to be up front with whoever you deal with and have everything spelled out with a viable complete inspection with legal protection. That means bringing in a lawyer to buy a car!!! I’ll be moving in August, and I guess before I do move, I need to find a lawyer before I buy a car.

Your best bet is buying a new car that comes with full warranty.
Have inspections done and get repairs under warranty.

If you want to buy a used car bring somebody you can trust who can inspect the car. Taking it to a dealer for an inspection can be helpful if the dealer is trustworthy.

Maintaining a used car is an adventure as well.
I've had too many bad experiences with (too expensive) jobs done by f.i. Advance Auto, Pep Boys, Dealerships and with bad quality jobs done by shade tree mechanics.
So when there's a problem I buy the parts and either install them myself or pay a guy to install them while I watch and help.

You can find a lower rate than that. Try Caribe Federal right now its at 1.89%. Also you can use Penfed in PR. In my experience its fine to buy from a dealership if you purchase a newer used car and know ahead of time what you want. You can also get certified cars here.

We purchased via USAA with a local dealership in San German. Got a much better rate than going thru a local bank and less hassle.

Jess, Try Friends of Rincon, Friends of Puerto Rico, ReLove PR - Family, Re-Love PR Home and Palmas del Mar, buy sell trade. All of those are FB pages, the last one is "only for Palmas del Mar residents" but I doubt any one selling their car is going to turn their nose up at non residents. Friends of Rincon is the best though, the last couple of months I have seen quite a few cars btwn 1,500-3,000 in good shape, some of them steals afaiac.

Did you buy your car yet? 
I travel to PR a lot.  Now that I'm retired I spend 6 months out of the year there between New York and Mayaguez. 
I looked up Clasificados Online, ClasificadosPR even Craigslist (which is rarely used on the island.  My best suggestion is joining a group on Facebook that sells in your area.  For example I discovered that by typing clasificados on Facebook there were many groups that sold Vehicles, Furniture, Boats, Appliances, Pets, etc., all in my area.  My favorite in my area is Clasificados Oeste.  Although I did not by my car there (I got it through Clasificados Online) I have seen the interaction between buyers and sellers and it is a good one.  The most important thing to know is if the "malbete" is good and its a good idea to go to motor vehicle together (buyer & seller) so there is no issue with regard to the transfer in title and outstanding violations. 
The other reason why I suggest doing it through a "Clasificados Group' on Facebook is you can remain friends between you and the seller.  Should you need to get in touch with the previous owner in the future for advice on the vehicle, a good mechanic or anything else...  You have that contact.
Plus as I said before, you can obtain other things at a modest price, near by and at a more affordable price than someone who posts for the entire island to see.
Hope I was hopeful.


Good suggestion, is it in Spanish or english?

Spanish but many may understand a bit of english. 

Some are selling there stuff off because they are in the midst of moving to the U.S. due to the economy.  If that's the case the really do know some english. 
Nonetheless, If a vehicle is what you're looking for it's always best to go with someone you trust to look it over who has knowledge of cars, can communicate easily and possibly could negotiate for you.

Thank you, we did find a car.

That's Great!
I found the perfect car myself but eventually I discovered my Suzuki Forenza is no longer serviceable in Puerto Rico or the U.S.  (Suzuki dealerships and service centers are long gone though many of their vehicles are still on the roads today.) 
The car is in fine condition but should I need parts or dealer repairs...  I am  scr'wd.   :dumbom:

Not the seller's fault, the car runs fine.  I just wasn't aware.   
Live & learn.

PapiSwing, I seem to remember a catalog of parts for very old cars, there were manufactured a lot of times by a third party. I do not recall the name of the publication but it was a very think book, maybe others remember the name of the outfit and you can get a copy, it is likely that your car will be covered.

PapiSwing :

That's Great!
I found the perfect car myself but eventually I discovered my Suzuki Forenza is no longer serviceable in Puerto Rico or the U.S.  (Suzuki dealerships and service centers are long gone though many of their vehicles are still on the roads today.) 
The car is in fine condition but should I need parts or dealer repairs...  I am  scr'wd.   :dumbom:

Not the seller's fault, the car runs fine.  I just wasn't aware.   
Live & learn.

You should still be able to find parts, even if it's ordered from the states, and be able to find a local mechanic to work on it. Try Pep Boys or a small local place when the time comes.

I read that when they left, service centers and parts will still be available... but not Suzuki brande service xenters.

After my experience with a used vehicle purchased from my own brother, it is better off buying new, even if it's cheap. Insurance being what it is, and what most people are budgeting into their car allowance, doesn't come into play down here.

I spent 3K on a used Explorer, and have put about 4-5K in repairs in less than a year, including several tows.

Due to my experience, I know a great service shop in Manati, and a few good tow drivers. :)

At the beginning of the year, I'm getting a new Tacoma or 4Runner and calling it a day.

You need a chat with your brother. I make it a point never to loan money to a relative or do any business with them, sooner or later something sours the relationship.  :)

Islandman, you may want to talk with tpritty, she just posted under Hello, she is looking for friends in her area, you live close to her.

Oh, he is a mess and I was trying to help him out. Good to know how people are, and this has been illuminating. :)

Watch the new car advertisements. You can often get a No Money Down, Low Interest Rate, new car easier than you can purchase a used car.  Plus, the dealers register the cars with the Marbete.  It's a beautiful thing.

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