Do you find that you make good friends in DR as an expat?

Hey, haven't posted for a while...but, still keeping up the forum posts, etc.  I e-mail with an older couple who are building next door to us in DR.  We coincidentally found out we were 'neighbors' and we really enjoy hanging out with them when we are there, they watch out for our property, and we can't wait to really be neighbors.  But, I'm sure some of it is the shine of the future retirement...and vacation-goggles, but we also feel like automatically we are more likely to have something in common with most expats.  International, tropics-loving, laid-back, and - due to where we are living- not wealthy by western standards...looking to live with less...and thus live more...I really enjoy almost everyone I meet there so far.  Is this normal?

Sounds like you are off to a good start with your neighbors!!!

I think you can make friends almost anywhere.  Just don't make assumptions about anyone. Take each on an individual basis.  Don't assume because both are expats that you can be friends and don't assume you can trust either.

I have made a number of good friends and many many acquaintances both expat and Dominican over the years.

I have always maintained multiple concentric circle of "friends" here.  A larger outer circle of acquaintances, folks we know.  A smaller middle circle of good friends who we socialize with, hang out with and enjoy.  And a very small inner circle (usually 4-6 folks) who we like, hang with and TRUST for anything.  These are the ones who you call when you need help. 

It is very hard to get into the inner circle we are very careful about this circle.

Bob K

Well said Bob, exactly right!!!!

I cannot say it often enough or strong enough: be very very careful who you trust. It is earned here over time!!!!!

@Planner - can I just say that you are an absolute light on this forum! Your advice is always so valuable, and you are just such a genuine person. Thanks for being you :)

Wow - thanks!!! You made my day!

That's pretty much what I figured...but, so far like with this forum, I feel there are more like-minded potential friends there than in my own home town.  We bought into the area we live in because it was 2010 and prices were still severely depressed and my family sold the house to us for then market value.  I wouldn't say we are the poorest people in the neighborhood, but definitely in the bottom quarter, but we don't want fancy cars or huge McMansion even if we did make more money.  I'm friendly with the neighbors...but, we don't socialize.  I would like to live in a more social neighborhood and recently I've learned all the lots available have been sold...and we know everyone on our hill and that's exciting!  I'm not saying we'll all be best friends forever, but, friendly and social and time will tell!

Well make sure I get my invite to the BBQ...... LOL

It is so true!!!!! :heart:

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