Where can I find Athens Ceramic Art and silver jewelry design class?

I moved to Vouligameni, Athens a year ago, and having settled here I would love to meet other people interested in art and craft and also get my own creativity going.
I would love finding a clay workshop and would love to learn silver jewelry design.
Im looking for an evening class or a sunday/saturday once a week for a few months In the center or out where I live between Vouligameni - Glyfada.

Thanks a lot,

Hello and welcome on board Pernilla :cheers:

So as to better share the word around and increase your chances to find some classes, I invite you to drop an advert in the Art Classes field of our Athens Classifieds section.

Best regards

Hi most classes are in the center of Athens. I live in bouliagmeni aswell but it is quiet around here.

Thanks, yes I'll keep digging!

Ah, thank you, I'll do that!

Try around plaka in the center

There is one in keramikos. Best of luck.

oohh...will check that out, thanks!

Hi! Do you speak the great language - Greek? Might be easier...

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