Single mom hoping to expat

Hi all, my name is Laura. I'm a mother of 3 young children living in the US (Michigan) who has been increasingly convicted that leaving the country is not only Preferable but absolutely necessary. It is impossible to raise my family according to my values and I believe this country will endure much destruction in the coming years.
  Peru is listed as my destination & while Ive been drawn to Peru, I'm still researching and am open to other S.A. Countries like Argentina, Brazil...But as a single mom who does EVERYTHING for my household (who lives on a "low income" budget), this will require a lot of hard work and creativity. I have a camper & Am wondering if I could drive there. This website is one of my first attempts at networking and gleaning info from others who are more experienced.
If there are any expat services that help families plan a move like this who do a little pro bono work, maybe we'd be a candidate. I'm totally serious about doing this and need all the help I can get. I have 3 little ones to protect so I can't just wing it.
Thanks everyone and I look forward to learning from and about you!

hello- i want to ask you why are you forced to leave Usa- christensen

I am not forced to leave the US. It is a matter of serious values conflict as well as concern regarding the future of the US based on its current direction and momentum.

Hey Laura, I just saw your post about relocating to Peru. Are you still looking to move and do you speak Spanish?

Hey Laura,

I can see you're concerned regarding where the country is heading. But every country has its own set of problems and good people are to be found in all of them. If it is a moral or values issue, you're not going to find the answer by leaving to another country. You can still be morally upright and raise your children that way despite the goings on around you. If it is an economic issue, then I would encourage you to first research a couple of countries in terms of 1) safety 2) access to health care 3) ability to find reasonable work 4) affordability. There may be others, but these are probably the main issues. Also, instead of focusing in on a whole country, I would actually encourage you to research a couple of cities and then compare. Crime may be high in a country as a whole but it may be next to nothing in a particular city. I hope this helps and I wish you the best.

I have recently moved to Peru. I find that the city of Ilo is very pleasant and low crime. As far as driving to peru i would be hesitant to drive thru Mexico as it is very corrupt and crime ridden.

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