Immediate guidance needed- concerning UAE driving licence

Hi Guys,
Need your immediate help, guidance and feedback.
I have a valid UAE driving license, now I am moved to KSA.
Should I surrender my UAE driving license (Which I don’t want to do since it was very difficult to get and expensive too)?

Or should I take the trial on my Pakistani License in KSA and let’s hope I don’t have to go through classes and all?

Or my UAE driving license will be of no use if after 3-4 years I move back to UAE and have a new emirates ID?


Your UAE Driving License will remain Valid till its expiry. and You can always renew it 10 years after its expiry.

My personal advice is not to sacrifice or submit your UAE License, Apply for a new KSA License , it's quite easy to get KSA license as compared to UAE.

I was in the same situation as you 3 years back  and i applied for new KSA License. Today I'm back in UAE and using my UAE License. Thank God i didn't submit my UAE license that time.

Thanks Dear, Thanks a lot much appreciated.

That's what I will do will try to get KSA licence, and will not sacrifice my UAE one.

But one question will it be valid even if I dont have emirates ID?? and will it be possible to renew it without that?


UAE License has nothing to do with Emirates ID. If at all you are coming back to UAE on residency Visa u will get a E-ID and ur license will still remain valid.

At that time of renewing ur license u will have to show that ur a resident in UAE and show them your E-ID

Thanks Yousf84, One last thing is there a chance to get it renewed on visit or business visa?


Let me clarify connection between UAE ID and UAE Driving Licence.

Firstly, UAE licence is valid for 10 years, it can only be renewed if one has a valid work visa. You can not have it renewed if you are on a visitor/ Tourist/ Business visa. :)

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