Place to meet expat...?

Hello Expats of Warsaw,

I just arrived in the city...and i would be glad to meet foreign people. I am french (35) working in aviation... if you know any nice café, restaurants or place of interest (cinema in english / art gallery / rooftop lounge...)
I would be more than interested...if you know some event that gather foreign people it would be nice...i go to Warsaw social (fcbk) when i can (there is a concert tonight btw).

Thank you for any info that could help me in meeting interesting people, makes some people accepted !

dzinkuill for the advices, meet with you soon..or later!

Witam !

I don't know how long are you planning to stay but, as mentioned somewhere else, it's mandatory to learn the language of our hosting Country.
Polish is quite difficult but there are many good schools in the city. Polish people know their language is difficult and best way to win their hearth is trying to speak their language.


P.S. -  It's supposed to be written "dziękuję" ;)

Hey Etiene!

Welcome to Warsaw! I am a Greek expat living here for the last two years or so. Warsaw is def a nice city and there are many things to do. However, you will find that not many polish people speak english (or are afraid to speak because they dont want to look like they make mistakes when they speak) and are sometimes hard to approach. There are many places to go out however: summertime is much better and the place to be fridays & weekends is the bank of the vistula where there are many outside bars. For sure there u can meet alot of expats as well. Also, many people hang around in the center, there are many bars, u should visit mazowiecka street in the center after 12 fridays saturadays where there are many bars and clubs and Parkingowa str. where there is a lot happening (check out bars: parking, bą tą) . My favs are the shot bars in the beginning of nowy swiat (the street leading from the palm tree to the old city) where u can start ur night and then go to a club (if u like fast progressive electronic music go to club luzztro (al. jerosoliemske) which is the only after club ( u need to go after 12-01) and there are some good djs playing (check it out in fb).

Hope this helps! If u have questions let me know!

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