Safe Exit from Saudi Arbia

Hello there,

Currently i am working in Saudi Arabia and i see a potential job offer in Bahrain. There is a normal perception about Saudi companies that if you are not fulfilling the requirements of your contract, say, you are resigning before the completion of the contract, so Saudi sponsors/companies have the authority to put you in blacklist so would not be able to come back to Saudi Arabia for like two years.

As i said that i see a potential job offer in Bahrain and say my current saudi company does something like this i.e. enter my name in blacklist, So i would not be able to work in any GCC country ? in my case its Bahrain ?


There was a rumor that a blacklist could be shared between GCC countries, but not sure whether it has been deployed or not. Your potential employer can try to apply for a visa if it gets rejected for any reason they should be able to know about it. But just to be safe i would still recommend you to leave your job in the most legal way possible to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Good luck!


I recently received an offer to work in Bahrain and was advised to proceed in submitting the required documents to process my visa. 

Unlike my previous assignments in KSA, this time, there were no employment agencies involved.  I did all the steps myself. 

To address the question, one of the documents requested from me was a scanned copy of my last Iqama.  I am sure the Bahrain government shall validate my employment records with their KSA counterpart. 

I suggest you follow LogicalIndian's advice to make a formal graceful exit before jumping to any GCC country.  But of course, secure the offer letter first before making any move.


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