Moving to Copenhagen

Hi Everyone!
The decision has been made a while ago and it somehow didn't hit me until recently...
In September I am moving for at least 3 years to Copenhagen, leaving behind hash New England weather and Red Sox games I will be settling my life again in Europe...
Settling but where... I found it impossible to find apartment! Boston is bad for house hunting... well Copenhagen went above and beyond my expectations. Maybe that is the fact I am mailing in English from foreign email address, but I can't seem to get any answers from people who advertise their flats.
I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment somewhere in Copenhagen N, K Norrebro or Osterbro.
Anyone could recommend the estate agency that I could contact and handle the apartment search?

Also, what was your biggest challenge when you moved? I hear that getting Danish friends is not an easy task, is it hard to get by with just English at first?

You cannot rent an apartment or a room before arrival. Every serious renter will want to see who their future lodger is. And I would never trust my money to an unknown person without getting the keys at the same time so you'll have to wait until you have arrived.

But I am afraid that you'll find Copenhagen just as bad for house hunting as Boston, especially at this time of the year when Copenhagen is invaded by freshmen. The first months many of them have to sleep on a couch somewhere. Don't expect to find an apartment.

And by the way, neither do I think you'll say good-bye to hash weather, only to the Red Socks games. In these days it is all about Pokemon Go here.

I have copied below from another post:

DBA is a very used online service when it comes to apartments and rooms.
They are aware that there are many fake ads and they encourage you to inform them if you think an ad may be fake. They will then look into the matter.

Fake rentals are very often located in Copenhagen or in Aarhus, the ad itself is written in Danish, but the correspondance will be in English.
Read their good advice here so you avoid falling in the hands of scammers.


Thanks for reply Nellie,
I actually wanted to set up in advance viewing of few apartments with an agent, before I arrive, but that doesn't seem possible.
And well I had to redefine 'hash weather' after being buried in 3 m of snow beginning of 2015... or spending entire month at temperatures oscillating between -20 to warm -15C... I really hope nothing like that happens in Copenhagen.


Hi Monika

E.g. in London, you can rent an apartment on a weekly basis, furnished etc. and the landlords use agents to take care of the rental.

We haven't the same system here. Apartments for rent will be either very expensive, or there are yearlong waiting lists, and they will always be unfurnished. People therefore normally own their flat (a possibility you will not have).

For most foreigners the solution will be to find a sublease or a room, perhaps a shared housing.

However, some companies help their employees to find a housing, and they use an agent as If you have that possibility, that will be the very best at all because some of the housings on the market are only let to companies, not to private persons. Maybe, you are lucky and are able to find a relevant housing there. … nmark.html … e-flat.htm

As most of the educational institutions are situated in downtown Copenhagen, it will always be easier to find a housing in the suburbs and are prepared to commute.

Please, be very careful as false ads aren't rare. Especially when they are written in English. Further, it is a sign of warning if you still see the ad after a couple of weeks. Normally, they are rented out within a few days.

I hope this will give you an idea of the market.

Good luck,

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