Rio Dentist recommendations for getting Root Canal

Hi there,
I am an Australian expat living in Canada.
I am working in Rio for the Olympics for the next month (August 2016) and I have just been told I need a root canal from a dentist in Canada.
Apparently getting major dental work done in Brazil is much cheaper than in Canada and I was interested in getting recommendations for an English speaking dentist in Rio.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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I found this clinic on google
Dentist in Rio de Janeiro - Multi Oral, Dentists in Rio de Janeiro
Good luck, I also sent you a message in your mail.
There are others on google.

Hello all :cheers:

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Thank you


Awesome, thanks guys


I need a root canal also.

I have found a dentist in Rio das Ostras which has done very good for me at a reasonable price.

He does NOT speak English!!!!!!!!!

I am going to ask him to refer to me a dentist who can do a root canal.  I will then send you the info,


FYI.  I am tentatively planning to go to some of the "CHEAP" Olympic games.  If anyone wants to go to the same games, please let me know.

I am interested in the volleyball in Copacabana, the basketball and gymnastic.  The cheap teickets for the opening and closing ceremony are NOT available at this time.

PLEASE if anyone has a negative comment about the Olympics, PLEASE do not tell me about it.  I know how to buy OFF to keep the mosquitos away and wear proper clothes.  I know how to go with little money, wear a cheap watch and go with other people to be safe.  I have been to New Orleans many times and know all about crime and hate.  I have had my ex-wife robbed at 2:00 PM in the afternoon walking down the sidewalk with our daughter in a very nice neighborhood in HOUSTON, TEXAS.  So Again, PLEASE take your negative comments and do NOT respond to my comment.  Many young people have worked for years to prepare for these games.  These young people come from all over to the world.  It may their first or only time to see Brasil.   I wish them well. I will go to support them and have a good time.

If you are interested, please contact me directly.  I prefer to do a Skype video.  This cost is zero!!!!!!!

LIP  = Live in Peace

John of Macae RJ, Brasil

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