Any info about moving to Mauritius as a female spouse


I'm hoping to move to Mauritius this year as a female spouse to a Mauritian citizen (born in Mauritius) with my daughter who has a Mauritian passport....I'm currently gathering the paperwork together but am stuck on a few points and wondering if anyone can help?!

Firstly, when entering do I need to get a spouse visa stamp and present my documents at immigration, and secondly, do I need a return travel ticket?

Also, should my daughter travel on her Mauritian passport or can she travel on her UK passport?

Thanks for any help you can give me...we've been looking into this for ages and the answers keep changing! 😁


I just moved to Mauritius in April as a female spouse to a Mauritian born with a child who has a Mauritian and British passport... :)

You don't need any paperwork to enter Mauritius. I flew with Emirates on a one way ticket only. At the airport I was asked for documents but we told them that I don't need this because I am married to a Mauritian. She went to double check and all good. In Mauritius no questions were asked really. A note was put in my passport for 90 days stay.

Then we went to apply for residence permit (spouse section at Sterling House Port Louis). You will find all that you need online. Only thing we didn't have was an apostille on our wedding certificate (we got married in UK, if married in Mauritius this is not needed). Also I needed an apostille on my birth certificate (born in Germany) - not sure if this would be necessary for you too. You would need the apostille to be done in UK. It took about a month to get the residence permit...

If you can't find what you need to present for your resident permit, do let me know. My husband surely remembers what documents we had to get!

When we went to Mauritius, I had my son travel on his Mauritian passport. I just thought it would be easier and no questions ask...

Where are your planning to live? When you arrive, we could meet up...

Good luck!


Thanks so much for that...I've been worrying so much! I'm getting my wedding certificate and birth certificate apostilled at the moment! One more question....the police morality certificate 😁 Did you have to get the ACRO certificate? I can't find out much info about getting a morality certificate in the UK....only about the ACRO!
I'm hoping to come out in August so not long left!
Thankyou again!
Kirsty x

Hi, I think its the same ACRO and police morality certificate. I did the ACRO and it was accepted.

Good luck with everything!!! Do contact me if you fancy a meet up...

Anne x

well speaking form experience  I am Mauritian and cam elast year to retire permanently with my (UK) Husband

1  would strongly suggest your daughter comes into the country on her Mauritian passport.

Assuming you guys ARE  retiring here , you need ot apply for a permanent residency permit as the wife of your husband

The form is relatively simple BUT the requirements are a little onerous and you REALLY need to prepare the paperwork LONG TIME b4 you come as you need certified copies of your birth / marriage certificates etc etc and most importantly you will need a police certification of you not have a record  it took us 6-9 months to finally get it all sorted PRIMARILY BECAUSE  the people at the department don't really understand what is required either!!!!!

but we cracked it!!!!!

Can i apply for my husbands residency on line when i get all his documents ready as we would like to retire soon. My husband is british and am mauritian. We can scan all the original docs to the sterling house. Am sure there is an email address. Thanks for advices. Annie H

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