English medium schools

Hello everyone, we are planning to relocate to Mauritius in January 2017 and we are struggling to find affordable english medium primary schools. Could anyone give me some advice on english medium schools in the north/west region? Are there government schools that are taught in english medium? Thank you :)

you can contact Northfields School which is in the north of the Islandwhich cater for children between 9 to 18  and there is also Alexandra which is in the Centre of the island. In the west you have west coast primary school.Hope it is going to be helpful for you.

Also, don't forget Le Bocage International School in Montagne Ory (middle of the island). Very friendly people.

WestCost International primary school on the West. No, there is no government public school with entirely English medium, but of course, kids are though in English in their English subject class :-)  If you wish your kids to benefit of Mauritius multi-language environment and quickly (normally kids are learning easily foreign languages) to grasp French/Creole, then you have to make your choice between different schools and educational systems. It depends what do you want for your kids. I am preparing my kids for future diplomats (joke); they have already shuffle between 3 foreign languages (English/French/Creole + native). Good luck!

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