Where to live in Alicante - With facilities nearby

I would like to know a few  suggestions about where to live in Alicante. I am looking for an area with :

mild weather in summer (not at the beach)

with good access to supermarkets, drugstores


In particular, an area with some good private hospitals (my mother is a senior citizen).

It could be a small city or town, provided that it has good health care facilities

Also, not too expensive or fancy. Just for professional, middle class people.

Thanks for your suggestions.

if you don't want to live at the beach but you want mild winters then you need a contour map. You want something that's low but not coastal - Elche fro instance or San Vicente del Raspeig.

If you need a hospital close by that cuts it down a lot. Only the larger centres of population have hospitals - easy enough to Google that.

The shops and gym you would get almost anywhere that is recognisable as a town. Also, if it's townlike it will have a health centre with 24hr emergency cover. For instance i live in an inland village/town called Pinoso. It doesn't fit your order at all because it is at 600 metres so it has cold winters, the nearest hospital is in Petrer about 25kms away but we have plenty of pharmacies, a couple of gyms and several supermarkets.

Hi Arianna,

I would agree with Cluebronchis on San Vicente Del Raspeig. Among others cities around Alicante with your preferences are also San Juan d'Alacant or Elche.

As for drugstores, supermarkets and gyms goes there is nothing to worry about, when you are in the nearby cities of Alicante. Naturally the bigger the population is the more offers there are (in this case I'm talking Spanish population) which are the biggest in Alicante city, on the Costa Blanca anyways.

I hope you find what you're looking for and wish you all the best!

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...san juan pueblo.

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