living and working in Belgium

Hi there all you would be expats,
I am going to give you a heads up on life here and how to find work here, time and time again the same questions are being posed and not being answered correctly, you might be thinking to yourself who is this cheeky person well I have lived now in Belgium for going on 6 years, and love the place and the people it has its ups and downs but all in all it is a great place to live work and raise a family. right with that sorted lets get down to basics.
you arrived and excited what do you do?,
if you are going to make Belgium your home, you must  go to the local stud house and register, this is NOT a shengan visa, Belgium is a federal government and even Belgians have to register as well, this is done every 5 years, obviously you need to provide paperwork usually this is a marriage certificate,birth certificate and also a police report just to say that you have a clean bill of health so to speak, Belgium is one of the few countries where you must do this. along with other paperwork which you must provide but you will be told about this when you get there, finally you will be given a stamped piece of paper which you must carry around with you at all times. they will then tell you that a policeman will come round and make sure you are living where you say you are. it is very informal and is usually a local policeman who does this.
the stud house will tell  you in order to get your green card (id card) you must work 6 weeks or more without sickness or holiday.
please don't email and say this is wrong  as some things vary from area to area.
Jobs it is a good idea to learn dutch as when you go for searching for a job the first question you will be asked is kan jij spreek nederlands? and believe me they will test you on how good it is, and you will be expected to hold a conversation with your employer or interim.
Belgians are all about the paperwork, so any qualifications bring certificates and paperwork relating to any courses you have done. now the hard lesson to you guys out there is gone are the days when you could hop on a plane and jump straight into a job here, unfortunately there are too many people and too few jobs, you will need to go that extra mile to get a job, even if is paying for French or dutch lessons, over here it is not automatic that you get unemployment benefit as you will have had to be working a year 1st to get it. also if you fall sick, you don't get sick pay.
so make sure you have enough savings put by to help you out,
Tax is another I see on here time and time again , if you work in Belgium you must pay tax simple as that, it is your responsibility to assess yourself, not knowing or ignorance is no excuse,
health insurance you will expected to have this and it is illegal not to have this, you can get basic packages and there are quite a few around all have different things going for them but choose one that suits you. remember also over here if you call for an ambulance or go to the doctors you have to pay.
as I said before you need to learn dutch I cannot stress how important this, if you come over here and you only speak English, jobs will be very limited on what you can do. you can learn dutch it costs about 100 euros per course, but they are very good you ask at the stud house or usually at the house of nederlands .
renting a property is quite easy but they do ask for 3 months rent in advance, however some banks will give you a short loan to cover this, also a inventory is done over here, so if any damage is done it will be taken out of your deposit.
so this is the basics, plan where you are going to live and work , and make sure all your paperwork is in order and learn dutch or French before stepping on board that plane or ferry, have a backup plan if things happen outside your control, and make sure you have enough money or a good support network to help
you out. so hopefully this has answered some of your questions good luck guys and have a great time in Belgium

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