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Hi guys,
I am going to travel by motobike. This will me my first time travelling this way, so I dont have any single  experience. Can anyone having experience traveling by motorbike give me some advices?
Thank you ;)


I'm Australian vietnamese - Peter Raffle. Traveling by moto bike.  I' expert guy, soo follow my checlist guidelines:

1.  Answer my question:

Are you Vietnamese local living ?
Where would you live to travel ?
How long for your plan to travel ?
What your favour thing to on your way to travel ?
Do you know if any skill needed for your travel ?

2.  Contact me if you can not answer if any question above !


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Do you have a Vietnamese Drivers License? If not get one. This is not difficult if you have a Foreign DL from most places. Note, if your DL is the new ASEAN DL, like my VN DL, it is valid ASEAN wide. Also make sure that you have vehicle liability insurance in Viet Nam

If you do not already know how to ride a motorbikel VN is not the place to try and learn.
In the cities beware of drivers disobeying ALL road rules, including running red lights, driving the wrong way, shooting out of lanes without looking, cutting you off, turning wihout looking or signalling.

In the countryside, beware of potholes, trenches dug across the road and no warning signs, cattle and other livestock on the road. NEVER drive faster than is safe for the distancs you can see. NEVER drive fast round a blind corner. ALWAYS slow down before a gravel road for safety. NEVER, NOT EVER use the front break on a gravel road. If you do, you will lose control and end up in hospital.

They do have guided and supervised motorcycle tour groups with the motorcycles provided.

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