Divorced Wife final exit with expired passport


I divorced my wife 8 months ago. Here brother is trying to transfer iqama but still in process.

In the meanwhile her passport is expired and now brother may say that you can give her final exit.

please tell is it possible to give final exit to wife if passport is expired.

I checked on abshir, it's not possible.

Is it possible from Jawazat?

Awaiting Thnx

If your iqama and your wife's iqama is valid then you can renew her passport first and then give her final exit.

Dear Friend!
Jawazat dept deals direct with such cases.I hope Jawazat will make her final exit if you show some evidence of divorce.


As HRGuru said, passport must be renewed.
Jawazat won't do any processing if she doesn't have a valid passport. Also she can't travel with an expired passport.

Renew the passport and through Abshir you may issue the final exit visa.

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