Moving to Varna

Hi. Dear all.

My name is Flavio Bergozza, I am Italo chilean living in Turkey but now I am thinking to move to Varna, Bulgary.

I need to get a flat no more than 300 euros, I hope for 250 euros fully furnished in a nice location.

I need some support pleae of people which is already living there (i have never been in Varna), to tell me the nicest areas, how is the life there, would you recommend it?


Best regards and thanks!

Flavio D. Bergozza

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250 euros should get you a more than decent small flat in Varna. As for the areas of Varna, it depends what you are looking for. My favorite two areas for living are eksvikograd/vinitsa or Galata. These are calm, quiet neighborhoods with a lot of greenery. Eksvikograd is to the north on the beach and a bit more posh, vinitsa is to the north and away from the beach, whereas galata is to the south and while nice, has less infrastructure and fewer large apartment buildings and more of a village feel.

For more in the city--- chaika is near the sea garden but still somewhat quiet/residential and has a good mix, and then primorski or central are more bustling/busy areas.

Thank you! In fact I am looking next to cente and next to sea garden. On monday 1st I will meet the real state agent to decide the flat.

Best regards!

Good luck.

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