Can anybody help confirm that this company is legitimate

Hi All,
I am new to this forum and depending on your answers I may just be in Sunny Dubai soon.
The company in question is Kharbash Mining And Construction Company.

I applied for a position and was successful. Now I need to know just how real it is.
Address: No 508 Al Barsha South 8, Al Barsha

Thanks for your assistance.

Please search this forum page before posting. This topic was dealt before.

It is a scam. … 66#3280034


i have applied for a Job to the same Company and received the same email as you.  this is a SCAM.

1. always remember recruitment agencies will not ask for immediate payment unless you have seen them in person where a legal contract have been signed.

2. a Gmail account is a free account and anyone can make up a company name eg: business[at]

3. Big recruitment agency companies have LANDLINE numbers not cellphone numbers and this one just keep ringing with no answer this is because there is 1 digit too long on the number so you will never reach them>

4. When i asked Nishad Oumar to please make an appointment with my sister residing in Dubai and after she confirmed the company exist then i can make the 780 dollars payment, however he wont comply as he wont see a third party. he then sent me a mail saying the contract have been terminated and that he will rather consider a more serious candidate. i did ask for a website he never gave me any details of it whatsoever.

searching on the net i came across Al Kharbash group of companies but not Kharbash Construction company. they do not exist.

my sister went to the so called head office address there is no such number.

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