Laos Consulate in Danang

Has anyone visited the Loas Consulate in Danang.

Apparently it's at 12 Tran Quy/Cap Str, Danang:

Wonder if we can apply for Loas visa in Danang.

the address in post #1 is correct. I visited recently. Here is another link with the info (note correct opening times below):

opening times on the above website is incorrect. I arrived just after 1pm, it was closed for lunch. Staff at the gate said it opens again at 01:30pm. As does the the signs on the gate.

No real drama's. There is a newly opened coffee shop nearby. THe office did open exactly at 01:30pm after lunch. Anyway, just wish info about loas was a bit more up-to-date.

The morning opening time may also have changed. Worth checking.

Edit: you can send request to update info on the embassypages website by clicking  the 'update' button and entering the correct info. I've done just that. Let's see if it does get updated. fingers crossed.

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