Grocery shopping: Do these online prices match physical store prices?

Hello,  everyone!

Perhaps some of you can help me out.  I may take a job offer in Qatar. But,  looks like I'll have to cut my dining out options and eat at home.  I'm trying to figure out how much I would end spending in food while living there. So,  I found some prices online in the link below:

Are those the normal prices you would find in a store like Carrefour or a local market? Or do you think they are about the same?  Some basic prices I'm looking for are milk,  cereals, eggs,  vegetables, pasta, etc.

Thank you!

Better buy from the Supermarket store instead of buying online. Grocery stuff online in Qatar are charged high.

The prices are more or less the same, you get to buy them at different prices depending which grocery store/ hypermaket.
You have carrefour, family food center, lulu, which have competitve prices, but spinnys and megamart are very expensies coz they have mostly imported stuff.
What I can advise you once you are here, check the prices of each grocery store for the items you want to buy and choose the best priced one.
If you are looking to save money, you will need to budget here, or else your money will fly :)
Hope this helps.

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