A Sunny Hello/ Mabuhay from a Filipina

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines.   :cheers:

I am a Filipina (of Malay, Chinese, and Spanish descent) and I have been living in the southern part of Manila for most of my life.
I have been to two countries in Europe and two countries in Asia as a tourist, and
among my passions are travel, nature, world culture, the arts, photography, and music.

If you are in search of a new friend whom you could rely on, and from whom you'd like to learn how it is to live in the Philippines, then try me. I am online most of the day and night.
My two children are in their early 20s, and online activities/ socializing is one of the ways for me to cope in life. I was divorced years ago and I have been living alone as a parent to my son for the past 15 years.
I teach piano part-time (home service and in a school).
I also wrote a Music textbook, I compose songs, and I help the Multi Media Department of a publishing company. I transcribe, harmonize, play, and record Filipino folk songs.

May your stay in the Philippines bring you nothing but good, happy memories.  :)

- Amalia

Why thank you for the introduction. I'm Nathan and I am always open to friends. I live in Ilocos Norte. I'm a bit far from you but it's only Land distance... Cyber space is available 24/7... inbox me anyone anytime....

Hi Nathan! Thanks for the message. :-)

Hi Amalia, greetings! My name's YC, and I've recently moved to the Philippines, BGC area for a job offer. Been here for almost two weeks now, but am eager to go around exploring the places as from what I saw online, the Philippines is one of the best country in the world for its amazing scenery! :)

Hi YC! Thanks for the reply. This archipelago offers a variety of fun & scenic places. Your work place is quite near the historical Intramuros (Manila), and you might also like to see the historic University of Santo Tomas; it's also in Manila. There are museums near BGC that are open on weekends (and are closed on Mondays) like the National Museum & the UST Museum, among others, if you are into arts. I hope you have a great time going to different places, YC. :-)

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