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Hi Guys,
I am working in telecom in riyadh from 6 years.but my education is matric done in 2004 from pakistan, now j want to continue my study but I don't know how to start and here in riyadh can i start with my job ? Please Guide me? Thanks

What kind of studies are you planning to do, academic or job related. If you are thinking of getting higher academic education Arab Open University should help, they have courses designed for working professionals with evening classes. For job related / specialized courses - would depend on your area / function / competence and look for local companies that offer specialized technical courses.

Good advise .

In addition, I would also suggest you take up some courses in improving your english communication skills and personal grooming.

At your stage , it is more important to stick with a known telecom company and acquire as much appropriate experience and exposure as possible.

Once you have accumulated some funds, I suggest you continue your full time studies in Qatar or Pakistan. :)

I wanna continue my academic i am planning for intermediate(FA or FSC)

I appreciate your suggestion sir. But I can't continue here with my job ? Actually I don't wanna waste my time to accumulate some money i want to continue with my job at least i will finish intermediate then i will save money and i will move to pak for my graduation.

Get enrolled at Pakistan Intl school as private student and complete your intermediate. Studies has to be done by yourself while appear only during exams.

You mean pakistan international school riyadh ?



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