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Greetings, what is the average to best lawyer rate you have experienced when purchasing real estate in Panama? What is the typical cost that one might expect to pay (for title search services, notary fees, etc). If you know one who is honest, knows the in's and out's of Panama's real property & contracts, feel free to refer them.

there is NO real estate law in panama
it's hit and miss

Elaborate on what you mean

several people can sell the same property
the best is to drive around to find your favorite spot
try to find the real owner with genuine documents
with the parcel ID go to the different governmental agencies
and see if everything is correct
these governmental agencies can help you

Are you implying that an attorney is not necessary?  My experience with sealing contracts is that notaries are always necessary.   What about the notary?

if you are in the country you can do lots of work your self
it should be possible to access the 
"registro publico" <> online
or the seller should be able to give you access or provide a screen shot
it's important to purchase at the registered value
(mostly U$1/m near the city for smaller lots
out in the toolies one hectare can be as low as U$100)
as property taxes can be up to 2.1% in panama
don't buy into this tax exoneration myth
as land with +30k value always pays tax
get an attorney to finalize the sales contract

maybe you want to consider english speaking Belize
which has no property taxes
and properties are guaranteed by the government

Thanks again.  I looked online for leads and properties in Belize; however, it seems land/real property has become very pricey in the last 5 years.  I have not given up however.

in Belize there is not much red tape
anybody can purchase property become resident or even citizen
after only one year anybody can become resident and even vote locally
you don't need a lawyer for immigration or purchasing anything
and you can drive with your drivers license from any country

holisticdoc :

Elaborate on what you mean

Lawyers in Panama are not guided or bound by ethical standards we have in the U.S.  You may retain a lawyer to represent you in a real estate transaction and not be told the same lawyer or firm represents the seller or developer.  Conflicts of interest (undisclosed ones) are common.  If and when your representation conflicts with the other party, the expat loses.  Additionally, Panama has an undeveloped and ineffective system for resolving disputes.  A proper judicial system for effectively recovering monies paid for transactions and resolving other common contract disputes that may arise does not exist - at least not for expats.  Unfortunately, I've learned this the hard way.

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Hello everyone,

Please kindly avoid straying from the original question which is "what is the average to best lawyer rate you have experienced when purchasing real estate in Panama?"

There is a dedicated section in the business directory, Lawyers in Panama where some professionals are listed and if you want to recommend a reliable lawyer, you are most welcomed to do so.

Thanks in advance,

@ holisticdoc
notaries only verify names NOT contents of documents

Thanks for this helpful information

Around $750 as I recall.

jonoyakker :

Around $750 as I recall.

Does that include the entire closing (title search, filing, registration, transfer)?

Where is the property you are considering? I know a good real estate guy in Boquete and his wife is a lawyer. They cover all of Chiriqui as far as I know.

The property is in Almiarante not far from Bocas del Toro

Ahh OK. There is a Facebook group  That might be a good resource.

Thanks going to give that a try.  All available avenues lead to answers

we were happy with our lawyer that did our house deal 5 years ago.
but he lives in chame, quite a ways from you.


I am Jack, a Canadian  and my wife is Panamanian (a Lawyer)
You can reach her at WASAP xxx (doesn't know if you have to dial 507 country code first)  or by e-mail: xxx
She's studying English but I can be the translator hehehe

We live in Chitre (Azuero)
If you need info , help etc... I'll be happy to provide you.
I am 75 years old Biomedical doctor (Ph.D) and must return to Canada for health reason. Yep a problem but who really doesn't.
Anyway if I can help you, I'll be happy.
All the best

PS I have Skype in case you want to talk

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Thanks for responding
Does the lawyer have to reside in the same province as the property for sale?  Is it a legal regulation or just a matter distance for such tasks as title search, registration, etc?

you don't have to reside in the same province but the same country.
You just have to travel to any other province to register your property where it is located, do the searchthere  etc..but still live in a different province.
Same as for second hand cars!!!! believe it or not must go to the location where it was registered first to renew the licence !!!

Thanks Jackwebb for the response.
My question though was whether location of lawyer's office and the property might prohibit closing of a real estate sale.  You seem to know about the process.  Is the title search process something that can be done by a local paralegal or notary or even on one's own if an attorney for whatever reason refuses to travel for example from Panama City to Bocas del Toro?

lawyers have affiliates in other states
documents have to be submitted physically

Contact Shirley Rodriguez Samudio Lawyer 
e-mail: Cherli2009[at]  or call her at (507) 649188 28
She's good , fast and inexpensive.
When contacting here , tell here jack gave you the contact.


we just used Mayra De Ruzzi in panama city to get our pensionada visas. very reasonable and the service is world class. Her assistant picked us up at our hotel took us to her office, next day picked us up and took us to immigration. cant say enough good things about her.  also took us to a bank to open an acct. it took one day. her phone # is 507_2262895, e_mail 1crisma[at] tell her Pete from coral suites recommended her

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Hi everybody,

For recommendations, do not hesitate to post them in the Business directory as well. Members will find the details of these lawyers more easily. ;)

Thanks for your contribution,

Priscilla  :cheers:

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No no no - tell her Steve from Canada recommended her! lol

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